In The News & From Jocelyn

As a military spouse, Jocelyn knows first hand how important it is that we do everything we can to ensure that our service members can exercise their right to vote. She wrote a great article in the Detroit News about her proposals to make military voting easier for Michigan citizen: "Dealing with a deployment is stressful and nerve-wracking for any military family. I know — I am an army wife, and my husband is currently serving in Afghanistan. As we juggle all of the responsibilities of military life, the last thing our service members and their families need is an added struggle of trying to get their ballots in time to vote.... While states like Alabama and Oregon have excelled at reaching out to protect the vote of military and overseas voters, Michigan is falling behind. The United States Department of Justice has even filed a lawsuit against Michigan's Secretary of State for failing to provide absentee ballots to military and overseas voters in time to vote in the recent primary election. It is time for our state to do more to ensure that Michigan's service members are able to fully participate in the very democracy our soldiers are fighting to protect. That's why I am working with Senate Democratic Leader Gretchen Whitmer of East Lansing to enact the Military Voter Protection Package. Our proposed reforms will bring 21st century technology to Michigan's election system and guarantee all citizens serving or living abroad can participate in our democracy from a distance. These needed changes include electronic voter registration, which will make registering our service members stationed overseas simple and instantaneous — a convenience they deserve. Our package will also make it easier for service members to return their completed ballots in a safe and secure manner, and will ensure that their votes are counted. Many of our citizens are overseas, fighting to protect our way of life. These reforms will ensure our service members can cast their votes with ease and participate in the very democratic freedoms they are fighting to protect. They deserve our support."

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